Cradle of life MAG

May 13, 2011
By icskaterbabe BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
icskaterbabe BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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From birth to death this goblet
Of life incubates our body and soul.
You are a source of nourishment
Connecting all of humanity
By your violent waves and calm bays.
Mistreated, misused, and abused,
By those who crave your hydration.
You can be the root of sickness
In the third world, while I sip on my
Pricey bottled commodity, safe and sound.
You are the cause of political
Discussion and economic repercussions.
Mysterious depths engulf the minds and bodies
Of curious land dwellers.
Lapping at my lips and toes,
I leap into your wondrous embrace
And you cradle me softly again.

The author's comments:
The theme of this collection of writing is water. Water can play a variety of roles in ones life, as it is essential, but dangerous if carelessly treated. Water is ambiguous. It can be seen as a majestic ocean or landfill of water bottles. There is a major shortage of drinkable water in the world today, so it encompasses both political and economic issues, as well as environmental and health related problems. We are born from water, we are made of water, and we survive because of water.

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