Leaving Behind a World of Insanity

May 13, 2011
By jatomei7 BRONZE, Hinsdale, Illinois
jatomei7 BRONZE, Hinsdale, Illinois
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My family of crazies,
All forty, fifty or maybe all sixty of them,
Living so close here in Chicago land
They have always been there when I needed them.

Now I am leaving,
Going far away.
They won’t be coming with me,
But they will be only a phone call away.

All of them unique
But all of them insane.
They have made me, who I am,
And gotten me where I am today.

It will be quite strange
Not to have them near
But knowing they support me
Keeps me far from fear.

I am ready to conquer
With them behind me
Remembering they love me
That will be the key.

My family has been there
Cheering me on
Keeping me together
It will be strange to be gone.

But I won’t forget them,
And I know they won’t forget me
I promise to come back
Back here to the insanity.

The author's comments:
Dear Reader,
The theme of these pieces is one very dear to me, Family. Not only family but also leaving home, growing up, and going to college. That is where I am now in my life. This is my last week of high school, and soon enough I will be packing my bags and leaving home to go miles away from Chicago to Auburn, Alabama. On top of leaving the place I have lived my entire life, I will also be leaving my large and very close family. This experience has made me nervous and anxious, but excited all at the same time, so for my final assignment I chose to put these emotions on paper. Hope you enjoy and maybe you have or will one day understand what is like to leave everything you know behind for a new and unique experience in a place far away from home.
Thanks for your time,
Yours truly,
Jacqueline T.

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