The Value Of Love

May 13, 2011
Love is a thing you can’t touch or feel,
An emotion so strong,
It is rarely real,
But when you feel it you can’t go wrong,

Love is a thing you can’t test or taste,
Can’t change it nor break it,
For love is not a thing that should go to waste,
Because if it’s gone then you can’t retake it,

Love is a thing you should definitly treasure,
More than diamonds or jewels,
For nothing can compare or measure,
To a thing that’s misused by only a fool,

Love is a thing that should be treated as divine,
For nothing is more clear and pure,
Than a love that is combined,
By two people that love each other for sure,

Love is a thing rarely seen true,
It’s too commonly used,
But only if you knew,
The reality behind this word too often abused,
This crazy thing called love.

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wandering_angel said...
Apr. 23, 2014 at 12:07 pm
i like this keep up the good work  
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