Momentary Flight

June 9, 2011
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The track is flying out from beneath me
and I am running at full speed.
As I get closer and closer to my take off
a tiny part of me worries.
Will I make it?
Another part of me chuckles,
knowing that I will.
Suddenly, time seems to slow as I take one majestic leap.
My body is flung over a bar, eleven feet high!
As I’m engaged in momentary flight,
I notice the blueness of the sky,
the smoky grey mountains in the distance,
the brisk wind softly blowing,
and the smell of the green grass.
And as soon as the moment has begun, it is over.
Time speeds up and I am falling.
I land in a blue bed of velvety softness
with my senses sharpened, and the feeling of wanting more.
I am a pole vaulter.
A fighter of gravity.
Making the impossible a reality.

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