The most certain justice

April 26, 2011
By cadetcaptainjones BRONZE, Moultrie, Georgia
cadetcaptainjones BRONZE, Moultrie, Georgia
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Chasms and circles and courts and chains
Make pillaging plummeting pirates behave
But what if one such wonder would walk into wind?
He'd behead himself, his horse and kin
I'm not the nilly natty nonsensical nautical nightmare
But rather the nightmarish nautical Navy repair
For this tottering, teetering terrestrial being
Wishes wonders of working oneself to cling
The typical tough tyrannical title of SEAL
Not through teetering or tottering or tailing at the heel
Of a mansion of past men 2000 men large,
But by beating the best to the beach or the barge.
SEAL at heart, hoping heck to hail,
God's best will by justice being unveiled
Through a gun or a gimmick or a grenade to the ground
Or a swim or a snatch or a shot rifle round.
So why would one wish such war to withstand?
Well I don't, instead to instill peace into the land.

The author's comments:
Hopeful SEAL officer after college.

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