Reacting w/out Feeling the Emotions

April 26, 2011
By Aimhigh SILVER, Grover Beach, California
Aimhigh SILVER, Grover Beach, California
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Emotions streaming down a river so rapidly that you can hardly follow along in your boat,
Sometimes you lash out like a tiger when there’s no reason to be so vicious.
When out of nowhere one drop of water slides down your cheek and you finally taste the oceans salt upon your lips, confusion crosses your face as you come to the realization it’s a tear.
Your thoughts are so jumbled that instead of taking the time to sort them out, you push them all aside and put up a mind block.
Tell me what instigates you to react the way you do.
Tell me with honesty shinning in your eyes.
Is the way you act caused by something as simple as an irritating sibling or looking at old photos of happier times?
Or could it be because of something more serious?
Did something traumatic happen in your past because you’re just so distant.
Please know that if you bottle up your emotions any longer then you’re going to have a nervous breakdown.
You’re already showing signs of beginning to crack.
So don’t cut yourself off from the emotions you feel.
Don’t sever the line that connects you to others.
Talk to someone now, before it’s too late or else you’ll be floating around aimlessly in your little boat lost at sea with no one to hear your cries for help.

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