Perfectness of Imperfection

April 26, 2011
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I’m thin
and awkward
and clumsy.

You’re short
and fat
and stubby.

She’s tiny
and shy
and annoying.

He’s quiet
and ugly
and nerdy.

‘You’re mean,’ you say,
‘and you just point out every one’s faults,
as if we don’t already see them.’
But it’s all true. I simply say,
‘I AM thin, awkward, and clumsy.
You ARE short, fat, and stubby.
She IS tiny, shy, and annoying.
He IS quiet, ugly, and nerdy.
But still, you’re perfect.’
Confusing, I know.
But what is perfection?
It’s not when everything is right,
everything is good,
because there is nothing like that.
So how can you be perfect?
Perfection is really just looking beyond the flaws
you so apparently have.
It’s not trying to be someone this so called ‘perfect’ that you’re not,
it’s being yourself and accepting you’re not perfect.
That’s perfection.
And you are perfect to me.

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ConqueringFears said...
Jun. 20, 2011 at 4:59 pm
okay, this is mine, but i dont particularly like it as much as my others . . .
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