Pain, hurt ,and lies

April 26, 2011
By Briannamendez10 BRONZE, Kettle Falls, Washington
Briannamendez10 BRONZE, Kettle Falls, Washington
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The pain, the hurt, and the lies
What lies behind these deceiving eyes

Whose eyes have seen only what a monster can do
To do those awful things, I didn't know it would have been you
For you to hit her and push her down
And down is where she went, I hid in a corner with a frown
The frown I placed upon my face only angered you
And you punished me but that's the worse you could do
I do believe that I hid in fear
And fear is what tainted the goodness within me, that much is clear
to clear the images that were placed in my head
The head upon which whom to the world had become dead
And dead is where I had every day been
I've been there and back again
And again and again I had wished it would end
To end the pain, the hurt, the lies, and finally start to mend
I mend the pieces that you once shattered
You shattered her soul and to me, her soul was the only thing that mattered.

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