Moral Lost

April 26, 2011
By TheJason BRONZE, Missouri
TheJason BRONZE, Missouri
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Running, out of breath, rib cage burning pain.
Orders are clear, enemy soldiers must cease.
With squad separated, my future unknown,
Alone I am weak.

My first thought, return to headquarters to regroup,
Years of Intense training, I know what to do.
One step ahead of my enemy.

Crawling carefully, large group of shrubs, to slow rapid beating heart.
The corner of my eye, pavement, possibly sidewalk.
Voices, only seconds after, muffled.
I raise my weapon, keeping the sight low to avoid detection.

A voices approaches,
Without thought I point my M-16,
Three round bursts, followed by a fall.

Curious, moving toward the silence.
First one, second, a third.
Less than four feet tall, lifeless, blood staining the ground.
Children in the wrong place,
At the wrong time.

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