Words Into Angels

April 26, 2011
By Anonymous

Pen To Paper
You bleed ink
Into dark water
I slowly sink
furiously writing
you've got a goal
saving others
it's in your soul
black words against white
your heart on the screen
it's a message to the masses
that will be seen
a pen that breeds magic
is that what you use?
it's truly amazing
your words let me choose
between life and death
escaping my depression
i see suicide's not the only way
somehow my pain lessens
i wonder how you do it
but i just don't know
how to arrange my words likes yours
how to make hope and love show
i just wish i could count and tell you
how many tI'mes you've saved my life
your words, they've taught me the way to live
to grab the pen and drop the knife
it's like you've got a fight
your words can set people free
you turn words into angels and I'm glad you sent one to me.

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