One Quarter of the Way there

June 12, 2011
By Anonymous

I wondered if the High School
Would pose challenges to keep cool
New classes, upperclassmen, is some overwhelming stuff
My theorem came true that it wouldn’t be too rough.

Wandering the unfamiliar parallel halls
Dominating coach with the spherical basketballs
Hearing the radical instructions by my new teacher
Coming from Room 205, he can be a screecher.

Finding the right equation to coordinate homework with sports
Wondering how to function while still making time to hang with my cohorts
The hours of homework began to add
Watching the clock turn 11 made me really sad.

I slowly learned that life is patterens
My knowledge of freshmen year is flatteren.
I hope next year is a positive year
Leaving freshmen year will not make me shed a tear!

The author's comments:
This is a poem about a boy who has just completed his freshman year. This poem summarizes some of the challenges and things that he faced. He likes high school and is having a good time.

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