I Am Free

May 19, 2011
I am bound.
I am bound by addiction.
I am bound by stress.
I am bound by fear.
I am bound by depression,
Which are all links
To the chain that weighs down on my shoulders.
I am held back by my oppressors,
Who claw at my flesh like buzzards.
I feel that the world has tumbled down upon me,
And there is nowhere to escape…

But then,
I saw hope in the darkness.
I saw a light coming from this pit.
And all the links are now broken
To the chain that once held me down.
The world is no longer crashing down upon me.
I have overcome my oppressors,
Who no longer tear at me.
I am free.
I am free from addiction.
I am free from stress.
I am free from fear.
I am free from depression.

All because You rescued me,
And brought me out of the darkness.

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