The World We Live In

May 13, 2011
By Anonymous

In this world it seems that life has many faces.
Some faces are mean.
Some faces are nice.
Some faces are mysterious and intriguing.
And some faces are freighting, unnerving, and atrocious.
In life, some mock others for what they have not seen or heard.
Some mock others for things they do not like.
Most mock others because of jealousy and hate.
In this world, we lie, steal, and cheat.
We fight for no good reason.
We do nothing but cruel, conniving, horrible things to each other with no remorse or regret.
We hurt the feelings of others without even thinking about how others feel.
We misuse and mistreat nice people.
This is what we do in the world we live in.
I don’t understand the world we live in.
I don’t understand the people in this world we live in.
I just know that in the end I don’t want to understand the people we live around or the world we live in.

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