May 13, 2011
By , mpls, MN
im lying in bed, my head is spinning like the tires on the cars that skid across the street, out of control. Shaddows splattered across my blankets, tempting me. why not fall into the darkness? why not let the cold of the snow numb me away into nothing? why not jump? why try to hold your breath when you know you'll drown? why let them close when you can restain yourself with memories? why not a little depper, a little bigger? why not?

but, then i look into the sky and i see the stars are shining. and i think of you. those two stars, that sparkle like your grey- blue eyes. so beautiful. and now the sun is coming up, and its shining making my fingers tingle with warmth. it reminds me of when you hold my hand and hug me, because when your there i know nothing can go wrong, you make me feel happy and safe. its a new day, and ill c you again soon. and ill hear you voice, that brings a smile to my face. and i hope you know you are the reason.

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