No Where At All

May 13, 2011
By iiarmineii SILVER, Wayne, New Jersey
iiarmineii SILVER, Wayne, New Jersey
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His hands were in his pocket as he walked down the street.
There was sadness in his eyes as he walked with his head down.
He tired not to think,but all he could think about was her.

He was quiet, he talked to no one because he lost his voice.
He tried to breathe slow but his heart wouldn't let him.
At times as he walked his knees gave out yet,he always managed to catch his fall, as he walked to no where,no where at all.

He walked for her even though she was gone.
He walked not in a group but himself with his shadow trailing him along as mournful and as tried as he was.
Her chain was around his neck everywhere he walked as he walked to no where ,no where at all.

He walked for her, but he walked for all man, because he knew and will always know the pain it is to lose the one who was your forever.
He walked to no where to find a cure so that one day the next man never had to walk alone to no where, no where at all.

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