Battered Wings

May 13, 2011
Fly Away
Battered wings
And holes within.
Let the wind kiss your skin
And help keep those battered wings
But the holes within,
Bring you down,
Sucking you into a vortex.
Where you're lost
And alone.
Those battered wings,
Fight the gravity
Sucking you in.
Battered Wings
That flap frantically.
And the battered heart beating rapidly.
To fly away
From all that batters your wings
All that scars your wings
All the bullets of pain
Marring holes in your wings.
That are fight to lift,
A darkened soul.
Dark with pain.
Dark with guilt.
Dark with regret.
Dark with fear.
Dark as your wings.
Turning from Black
To Purple
As it flies closer to the moon.
Marred with holes like your wings.
Wings that flap rapidly
Like your heart beating frantically.
Causing you to lose your breath.
Preventing oxygen from entering your lungs.
Making your heart slow down
With Death slowly creeping in.
The wind whispers on your skin.
Battered wings,
Don't let me die.
Just fly me to the moon.
Just help me fly away.
Battered wings.

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