out of the realm of sight

May 13, 2011
By Adam-M. SILVER, Homewood, Alabama
Adam-M. SILVER, Homewood, Alabama
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Philippians 1:21 "for me, to live is Christ to die is gain"

why do I insist on making myself as depressed as possible...
why do i hate my own happiness so much...
Why is it when I look up and see the light coming through the curtains I close my eyes?..
What is it about the night that fulfills me..
does anyone know..
if i call we go on...
and if i stall...we will fall..
fall into the never-ending night...
Oh God please help me!
this is all so scary!
The voices are blaring!
And every-one's staring!!
I'm yelling! Yelling for someone to come caring!!
No one is moving!
I'm fighting it back! Back into me...
..it's gone... if that's what you want...
All is quiet..
all is peace...
Until you leave the realm of sight..
until you see my emotions in their fight...
The night! The night is HERE!
it's falling.. it's falling!
Where is my sun....

The author's comments:
This was written as I was making a huge decision. My girlfriend of the past year gave me the ultimatum "Call tonight or we are DONE". we had been fighting for many reasons leading to this final call but long story short i decided not to call. This was my way of getting through that long, long night. The voices and people staring (to me) are the opinions of the people around me and the dark is me shutting out all emotion. BUT this should be taken however the reader feels it means the them.

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