The Knife

May 13, 2011
Something has tried to kill me
And has failed
The knife
Sits on the counter
With its cold cruel blade
warm red blood dripping off the edge

The words
The insults
The jibes
The laughter
Are the knife
Stabbing my heart
Ripping it apart
And stomping on the pieces

The sneers
The rumors
That spread like wildfire
The yelling
Beat me until
I'm black and blue
Wear me down
Until I have nothing left

The knife
Dances over my skin
the words
Trickle out with the blood

The lie
Become truths
I am worthless
I am ugly
I am a loser
I don't deserve to live

the blade
Stabs he tiny remnants
Of my self esteem
And it
A death
Like a rose's final breath

The weight
Crushes me
Like an elephant standing on top of me
I long to scream
For help
I can't take it anymore!!!

But no one listens

But then
The sun shines
The blade glimmers in the light
Sparkling like a diamond
The blood
Is mine
What have I done?

They can sneer all they want
Spread their little lies
Slash at me
With their knives
But that's no reason
To give up
What I already have
If they have to make me this miserable
Just to be happy
They're the real losers

I'm not going to let them win
They won't feel anything
If I follow through
And I will just make
So many people
Grieve for my loss
It's not worth it
They're the losers
Not me

The knife
Sits on the counter
With its cold, cruel blade
Is clean

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Inkslinger said...
Oct. 20, 2011 at 9:53 am
This is so beautiful and inspiring! Thank you for posting it!
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