Who I Am

May 13, 2011
By , Dyersville, IA
Who I Am
Who I am probably doesn’t matter to you,
But I’m gonna tell you anyway, so just sit it through.
Who I am, is a person who likes to make people laugh,
But not the kind of way that will split friends in half.
Who I am, is a wonderful person, at least in my head,
But sometimes I steer towards grouchy, especially when I get out of bed.
Who I am, is a girl who likes too many things to count,
But I will tell you this, everyday does that list seems to mount.
Who I am, hopefully, is someone who inspires, maybe even you,
But don’t be too disappointed if I don’t give a good clue.
Who I am, is person with deep feelings that can’t be maimed,
But however you try, nothing can stop me from loving video games.
Who I am, is greatly different and sometimes kooky,
But nothing about me is too spooky.
Who I am, is a notebook full of words of dreams and wishes,
But you will never fine me doing the dishes.
Who I am, is laid back with ease,
But I guess you could also say I float through life like I’m on a breeze.
Who I am, though it’s probably boring to you,
But deep down, even I feel less of my weird self and more of a sad blue.

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