Marriage is a Battlefield

May 16, 2011
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This marriage is a battlefield
I am lying in this casket
Thinking back to what happen
Thinking back to the battlefield

We did not think but we fought
We did yelled but did not talk.
We walked wearily wondering
How will will this last?

Just like a battlefield,
We fought
We died.
We fought a battle and died.

Just like a battlefield,
We did not try
We did not stop.
We did not try to stop.

Just like a battlefield,
We screamed for help
We cried for peace.
We did not help to make peace.

Just like a battlefield,
There was shooting.
Just like a battlefield,
There was death.

You pulled the trigger,
I fell on the floor
Hoping you would hear
My last few words…

The scarlet blood scattered
My arctic dead body laying
The gun silently sleeping
My mind rapidly thinking

I remember our battlefield
You slapping my cheek
You punching my eye
You throwing
Me against
The brick

This marriage is a battlefield,
Here I lay in this casket.
There you sit behind bars
Drinking your life away.
Lucky for you,
You are free in life.

I am trapped in this wood casket.
Buried 6 feet underground,
Screaming for help,
Wishing for justice

Marriage is a battlefield,
It will not end,
Until you end.

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