Poem for the Heart Breakers

May 16, 2011
Don’t let me go.
Or let me slip into the back of your mind.
I memorized your face,
And your smile and your eyes.
I thought you cared enough about me,
That you would never leave.
Then one day you left,
Didn’t answer your calls
And I never saw you again.
Hurt, pain, betrayal.
I found out you had another girl in your life.
Better than me I suppose.
But don’t worry about me,
Because someday I’ll be making
Way more money than you ever could,
Singing songs about ways you broke my heart.
And the whole country will hate you that.

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crazychick said...
Jun. 19, 2011 at 10:48 am
hmm quite angry, but good, keep up the good work love!
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