Feelings Unspoken

May 16, 2011
The rain falls
Mixing with my tears
It cleanses my soul
And washes away my fears

This feeling I have
Like a thorn in my heart
And a tear in my mind
Threatening to come apart

Alone is my theme
Tragedy is my word
Nothing is right in this life
My feelings are absurd

Right me if I’m wrong
My world is corrupted
And my heart is shattered
My thoughts interrupted

There is no one that stays
People come and go
I move from place to place
Even though my heart says no

I’ve loved and I’ve lost
My heart has broken
My soul has darkened
With these feelings unspoken

I think I’m lost
Never to be found
Light would be a blessing
But now darkness hits ground

This feeling is strange
What it means I really can’t say
All I know is that its there
And it won’t go away

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