Life and Times of a Hipster

May 16, 2011
By Anonymous

I am different from you
I am better than you
The Blue Ribbon I bought at the bar
doesn't quench my thirst
I've cut down the collar
of my homemade v-neck shirt
my kicks dirtied
lyrics and quotes
etched into the sides
displaying my thoughts
to those who kiss my feet
my uniform is button ups
checkered or striped
overlapped with my ratty cardigan

I am different from you
I am better than you
my trousers
are two sizes
too small
I've read the classics
and I've studied the greats
There's no glass
in my black rimmed specs
I wear them for effect

I am different from you
I am better than you
My opinions are my own
and my friends all share them
People who aren't me are sheep
baaing uselessly
I despise followers
but I'm nothing without mine
My camera is my life
I take pictures of wet leaves in black and white

I'm different from you
I'm better than you
Stereotypes are for those who long to be normal
I throw away your labels
create my own
I call you cronkite and chipper
My language is new
so novel from you
I know less about math and politics
and more about Kierkegaard and Underground bands
I am a Hipster through and through
At least until something cooler comes along

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on Feb. 20 2012 at 3:50 pm
alluneedislove3, Alice, Texas
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Wow. So true, very sarcastic, funny.

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