The Existence

May 16, 2011
By SuneeDee PLATINUM, Glenns Ferry, Idaho
SuneeDee PLATINUM, Glenns Ferry, Idaho
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I’ve heard so much talk of hate and war
So much evil is knocking at our generation’s door
Who gave you the right to choose what’s right
Who made you king…I thought we were free.
Everyone around me complaining about their way of life
Their relationship is shattered so they say they’ll end their time
Hear me now
They have no right
Children here and there with bruises scattered everywhere
Think of them when you say it’s over
I wonder if it even exists
Not the love that creates a kiss
The love that is
The true kind that a mother has for her daughter
Or a son that cares for his father
Look around I say
Look at all this hate and tell me if love exists
The ones with broken souls and shattered lives
The ones that feel they want to die
Look in their eyes
Tell them that love exists
Make them believe there is hope
Tear off their binding rope
And show
The existence

The author's comments:
Me and my friends one night decided to be dorks and do slam poetry...its now a really good hobby of mine

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