May 16, 2011
By , Parker, CO
I’m sorry about the hurt
and the pain.
I’m sorry about the sunshine
that’s been replaced by rain.

I’m sorry

that I couldn’t see

everything you did,

you did for me.

I’m sorry that life’s
turned out this way.
I’m sorry for ignoring
the smart things you tried to say.

I’m sorry

for the tears

I’ve brought to your eyes

these past few years.

I’m sorry for the arguments
and the fights.
I’m sorry for disappearing
without the lights.

I’m sorry

that your skies look so grey.

I’m sorry

that there’s nothing I can say.

I’m sorry
for my selfishness.
I’m sorry
I’m too rebellious.

I’m sorry you feel lost

and alone.

I’m sorry for the false hate,

I know I’ve shown.

I’m sorry
for my bad decisions.
I’m sorry
about the bloody incisions.

I’m sorry

for blaming you,

for doing what

you had to do.

I’m sorry for the resentment
and the anger.
I’m sorry for the insecurity
and the danger.

I’m sorry

I can’t be Kylene.

I’m sorry

I turned out so mean.

I’m sorry
that you have to deal with dad.
I’m sorry
I didn’t want to see him as bad.

I’m sorry

about the lost trust.

I’m sorry

about my heart of rust.

I’m sorry that you’re scared
and lost.
I’m sorry that I can’t

I’m sorry for Kyndall

and who she is.

I’m sorry this isn’t what you

wanted from your kids.

I’m sorry, Mama,
for everything I did.
I’m sorry, Mama,
that I can’t be a kid.

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