It's Him

May 16, 2011
By Anonymous

Don’t let him win

Don’t let him back in

I can see through his act

It’s fake and that’s a fact


Remember the times you cried

The times I cried

My brother?

He won’t remember

That raised voice turning into a yell

The haven that turned into a burning hell

A whimpering cry

You turned to see why

It’s him

Mother, up the stairs I ran

As quickly as I possibly can

Keep him far away

But the door swings open.

It’s him

My heart is pounding

Our teardrops are falling

And he blames you,

Though it’s not true,

It’s not true…

Did you forget?

What happened next?

He hit you

He scared me

He threatened my brother

Now he’s out

We flew away at midnight

Into a place with heaven’s light

The dark past left behind,

Though not for long

It’s him

The future turns to black

The happiness fades away

Please mom

Don’t let him back in

Please remember

And don’t let the past come again…

The author's comments:
I wanted to create an emotional poem about an abusive relationship. I will say say no more about it other than it was a very sad time in my life.

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