The Play

May 16, 2011
By Jazfirebug BRONZE, White Bluff, Tennessee
Jazfirebug BRONZE, White Bluff, Tennessee
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Would you like to join us?
No? Well that is to be expected.
You are much too happy
For we are not happy nor sad
We are far above that
We are existing
And you my friend are not.
To not exist it to live and die
To kill and be killed
To pray and then sin
For we are many in this world
Laughing and crying with no emotion
We merely put on a play
Few who live in this world
Are not one of us.
Surprised? Well, guess what?
You are one of us too
For we are in you and around you,
How could you exist without us,
We are you.
Whether you like it or not,
So smile and cry you actor or actress
In our play of life,
And get back to work
For our small audience,
Which is not a part of us,
Is watching!

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