Without the One You Love

May 16, 2011
By Whit-bo GOLD, Telford, Tennessee
Whit-bo GOLD, Telford, Tennessee
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Without the one you really love and miss so much
You feel hopeless and alone
All you want is that person right by your side forever
If you really love them
If they hurt you,
You still want them to do something to save you from the pain
Everything you do is for the person you really truly love
With that person you`re whole and complete with real happiness
True love is not loving a perfect person but loving a person perfectly
For both their faults and weaknesses
You think the person hung the moon
An angel that can come and save you
Even on the loneliest nights
You would beg to be with that angel in your life
Without them you feel empty and like you're nothing
Like there is a whole in your chest where they ripped your heart out
With them you can be the world

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