Life's Journey

May 15, 2011
By Tinessea BRONZE, Belgrade, Montana
Tinessea BRONZE, Belgrade, Montana
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The time passes quickly when my heart beats next to yours,
We dance in the moonlight, letting light rain fall on our faces,
Wetting hair and leaving diamonds on eyelashes,
You say that the stars reflect in my eyes, then you softly kiss me,
Holding me against you tightly, you rest your head against mine,
Swaying in time with the rasp of tree branches against one another,
The sun rises as we lay in the tall grass beneath the towering oak,
Standing like a sentry over us as, entwined we wrap our arms around each other,
And fall into a gentle peaceful sleep, the bird songs of evening doves wake us,
Stretching out on the hill overlooking the valley we watch the sun set over the mountains, bathing the world in golden rapture,
You stand up, give me your hand, pull me into your arms,
Look down at me and with a wistful look in your eyes, kiss me.
Then release me, spinning me into a world of chaos,
The world grabs me and spins me into a dance,
Spinning me until I fall on knees and tear fragile skin,
Tears run down my face, soaking dry, cracked lips,
Crying out for you, I can feel my heart slowly start to crack,
Breaking into a thousand different pieces
I try to pick them up, each one scattering further with every little tug,
Each person passing me, pulls a piece from my arms,
Tossing it behind them like trash,
They walk all over me, I’m not there anymore, at least for them,
Each one passing me takes me further from you,
Closer and closer the path leads me to the end, death,
Though now it would be sweet relief, from the pain,
My hand stretches out for that branch from the oak, overlooking the hill,
Where we danced that fateful summer night, when you left me for your death,
I grasp the very tip, then the wind tears it from my grasp, screaming,
I plunge into the dark, cavernous mouth of the abyss of death,
There by the white, shining gates, I run into the sweet embrace of your arms,
You gather the pieces of my heart from the ground, mending them together,
Then gently, ever so gently, you give it back to me,
Holding me as in sweet relief I replace it back next to yours,
Together we run up the hill, sinking our feet into soft, green grass,
Standing beneath the oak, once again towering over us,
Only now we can stand there for eternity, never one leaving the other again,
You look in my eyes smiling at the mirth and joy sparkling like midnight stars,
I rest my head against your warm, solid chest,
Letting the soothing sound of your heart beat lull me to sleep,
Underneath the oak we lay, resting in each others arms, forever.

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