Imagine This

May 16, 2011
With his arms wrapped tightly around my waist and his cool breath on the nape of my neck...It's hard not to feel blissful and in love.
I can feel his lips against my neck, urging me to awake. I refuse to do what he wants, which frustrates him.
He gently starts to kiss my face whispering "I love you," and other sweet nothings in my ear, which makes me smile and blush.
Suddenly it's quiet and I can tell what's about to happen is going to get me up, which scared me.
If I listened hard enough I could hear little sniffles... He was crying.
He strokes my face so gently it felt like silk feathers, whispered my name with such pain and sorrow, it made my heart ache.
So I turned towards him and open my eyes to soothe his pain...
Only to find myself alone and cold in my bed...
It was just a dream.

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