That something

May 15, 2011
By Anonymous

Waking up every morning realizing that something isn’t here anymore…..
It’s gone…as you make each step that something is further, and there’s no way you can possibly reach it.
Wanting to burst out the door to reach it, grab it and make sure it never leaves again but you don’t have a choice, the only choice is to watch it go while you hold all you have inside of you to make sure no one can see what you are going through.
That feeling of loss, emptiness, a feeling that cannot be change, you can hide it but you can never get rid of it.
You can console yourself by thinking that’ll be back…. no matter how long its been… it’ll be back, no matter how much the world has changed… it will be back.
You have that hope, the devotion to the idea that it’s going to come back… deep inside you know the truth but you can fool yourself
You can’t possibly live with pain you have to live with hope there’s nothing left but that.. even though the truth is right in front of you, you cannot accept it… yes the departure of that something is gone and you will always know that deep inside…
But the truth is painful so you live in a lie… the truth right in front of you that maybe you’ll never be able to face

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