May 30, 2011
Maybe you could give me
some time of yours
the extra stuff
that you wouldn't mind filling
with a girl like me.
No. Really,
I want the time
you spend tying your shoes
you spend to yourself
you spend on those silly girls
that you like to think like you
though we both know
you wouldn't glance twice.

Am I one of them?
Just another silly sparrow flitting about and singing
identical sappy stupid
songs into those pretty
pretty ears of yours?

He doesn't think so, you know.
He sees me as bird of paradise
my song too sweet too strong too sultry
to grace those ordinary
ordinary ears of his.

I choose you, of course.
Your yellow eyes
your inky oily feathers
your able angled beak.
Because my heart is blemish free
squeaky clean
crammed with nooks and crannies
for every piece of you.
It begs to be tested
to be twisted
to be torn to itty bitty pieces
and to be tossed into the wandering wind
so I can fall
like petals
onto a flightless world.

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