What Happened to Us?

May 15, 2011
We’re never going to trip
We’re never going to fall
Never going to say it all
We’re going to cling to what we know
Refuse to fall too low
We’re never going to let this go
That’s just fine
No guy is worth my time if all he does is make me cry
What happened to “your little angel?”
She shed her wings ‘cause the memories were too painful
They hurt her heart and stung her eyes
All the words you said, your lies
It takes all she has not to just curl up and cry
Worst part is, she knows it was her mistake
She’s the one that said that all of this was something she couldn’t take
So she’s the one that closed the door
But you’re the one that didn’t try knocking anymore
So your princess is all alone
So she’ll cling to what she knows
And, no matter how much it hurts her
She’ll let you go
But please know
She listens to those songs late at night
Because it’s as close as she can get to you
And it’s the one thing that feels so right.

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