broken glass

May 15, 2011
The only option i have left is looking at you through shattered glass, most people would take a pass. But i need to see your face to keep going, even if your broken beyond repair. I did what i could to help you; I even went as far to sacrifice parts of myself for you. I tried my best to pull you out of the darkness, you just sunk furhter in. The light lost you in that pitch black hole you called a life. my one wish is for you to realize that your hurting the ones who love you the most. So what are you going to do, when its time to fly are you going to spread your wings or just lay down and die? Youv brought me to my knees, shouting out pleas. my sanitys slipping, darkness slowly dripping on me. your bringing me down, With a perminent frown, im forced to drown.

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