it leaves a mark

May 15, 2011
I can remember the times when you were happy, and it wasn’t just an act. We made a pact wed be friends forever. Now forever’s over and I’m left crying, parts of me slowly dying. I know bad things happen but I didn’t think they’d change you, it’s like you’ve aged 20 years, there’s constant tears. You had so much fun before everything happened, sometimes I get a glimpse that lets me know the old you is still alive striving to break through the layers of pain you’ve gained over the years. The gears are slowly turning, churning out that smile that makes living worthwhile. I’m on the floor staring at the tile, memories flooding my brain bringing me oh so much pain. Flashes of the past pushing me further into the dark, they have left their mark. But I realize those same memories will help me push through, Im going to cast a new line but you better believe Im still going to have you in my heart.

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