May 15, 2011
By , latham, NY
Not now.
It’s not right.
It’s too soon
too fast
too many people.


Forget everything.
Don’t move.
Come closer.
Don’t stop.
This can never end.

Did the world really stop?
Where did everyone go?
How can this be real?

I had a reason to fight this.
It’s gone now.
Everything is gone now.

This is perfect
Why wouldn’t I have wanted this?

It doesn’t matter.

Oh sweet happiness.
Nothing else exists.
Nothing less can ever be real again.


Don’t slow.
This is so right.
It can never end.

The world is reappearing.
My eyes are opening.
I see him
but we are not alone.

Fire sizzles out.
Dying down
but not disappearing.
Not fully.

It lingers.
The sizzling never stops.
The world can never be the same
for me.

How does no one else notice?
The world stopped spinning
didn’t it?

He notices.
He sees it.
He felt it.

I am happiness.
I am joy.

And he shares it all with me.

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