The Struggle

May 15, 2011
By Anonymous

Everyday you have the same struggle,
You get up knowing it can’t hurt you
Till you go down the stairs to face your family
They say they are always proud
But you can never be the perfect child you want to be for them

You get straight A’s so you go for straight A+’s
You play one sport become good at it
So you do another
You get one scholarship
So you go for another

You want to be everything they could dream of
You never see yourself as good enough
You want to do better

Everyday is a struggle to be perfect
Everyday never ends the way you want
Every night you cry yourself to sleep
Every morning the struggle starts all over

You can never overcome the struggle
You will never be perfect

Can you accept that?
No, no is the answer
You continue to struggle even though you see no end
Even though you know there is no end

Your friends try to tell you that you are amazing
You don’t listen you struggle on

You will never see yourself as perfect
The struggle will win
You will die one day knowing you are not perfect

The struggle looms over you like a black cloud
You sometimes have nightmares
You will never escape this terrible thing called your life
You can never impress everyone enough

The struggle will win
And you know it

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