Glass, Metal, Cement Memories

May 15, 2011
Smoldering heaps
Twisted metal
Glisten madly
Under an unforgiving sun

The silent cries
From a bleeding nation
Echo off
The crumbling walls

Heart-broken mothers
Reach for children
With red, tear-stained cheeks
Clutching plastic memories

Soldiers with guns
See bullets become useless
As their own planes leave
Their country in smoke

Satan's eyes a blaze in smoke
Of wreckage wrought by hatred
Gaze at terrified angels
Grounded by terror

Men no less than heroes
Run to save the few
Who have gotten closer to the ground
Than those suspended in the heavens

The TV screen lifelessly spits
Out the images of destruction
That my elementary eyes
Cannot seem to bear

A helpless cry seems to tear
The heart of peace
No longer beating at the core
And our flag ablaze in a foreign land

How many can we say
Fathers, mothers, mentors
That we lost this day?
Much too many to say

For those who fell
With the metal
The cement and the glass
We will not forget

We shall overcome
A nation united
Against the evil that has shadowed
A brave and strong people

Never shall we forget
This poison, vile act of anger
That left a dent in this nation
Slow to heal, but inevitable to scar

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