Hello My Friend

May 15, 2011
By quietgirl SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
quietgirl SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
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Love is a fragile thing, and sometimes we are not it's best caretakers. All we can do is muddle through it, and hope that this fragile thing lasts.

Hello Dear Friend

I’ve missed you

Not the slim & curvy everyone knows

The rather plump, round you

Who no one recalls

The clothes you’re in

Yes, my clothes

Reminded me of you

Hello old friend

Your long hair, that I cut

Whimpers of you

How you hid in it

To cover your shame & plump rolls

Tells me of you

Hello my friend

I see we have met again

Our tears make it so

For only they have witnessed

Though stayed silent

Hello my heart

I fear when I’m done

I won’t go back

I’m what you wished to be

But it was never as it seemed

For we are alone

You’re voice is the lightning

No one can hear

But me

For I am the thunder

Ever calling the

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