May 15, 2011
By angehuertas27 SILVER, Lake Mary, Florida
angehuertas27 SILVER, Lake Mary, Florida
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I’m trapped in a box
Labeled as perfection.
I try and try to reach for
It but it always slips away.
I get its ghost like body into
My hands and I feel it
Slither in between my fingers.
But the perfection slips away.
Gone in the wind. Floating so
Far into nothingness. But why
Am I here? Trapped in a box
Labeled as perfection? Why?
Can’t I have flaws, and make
Mistakes? One day I want to
Reach perfection. And make it all
Happen for me. When I reach perfection
I will be the bread winner and
Take care of everyone. Mom won’t
Have to worry, and Dad can rest his back.
Yes, I am in a box labeled as perfection.
But now that I see, I don’t think
I’m trapped in it anymore. It’s my
Goal to reach for perfection
So that one day it will be good
And so that no one will worry about money or
Food or anything anymore. I’ll make it though.
I will catch perfection’s ghost like body.
And I’ll put it in a glass heart that will hang in front
Of my own, keeping it forever. I am not
In a box labeled as perfection. I am in my world
Filled with future possibilities. In my perfect world
Where I finally reach perfection.

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