May 15, 2011
By WritesforJesus SILVER, Strongsville, Ohio
WritesforJesus SILVER, Strongsville, Ohio
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What is this feeling? So sudden,so brand new? How can I know..know what to do with you? I know you mean well,with me,you fell,and wanted me to be yours. In a relationship,who would I be? I don't know how my life would be,if it's not only me. Well,how can I know? Listen to my heart? How can I trust my heart? I know it also means well,but its message is blurred by voices,messages,songs,and people..I may misread. I know this is about you and not only me..it is something on which we must agree. Is this how love is supposed to be? What works for you? Will you wait for me?Could you wait for me? Should you? Do I wish to hurt you even more? If it is only for me you fell, the right answer,time will tell.

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