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May 10, 2011
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One of the simplest, let me rephrase that,
One of the most difficult things to write,
Is in fact poetry.
Most people probably say or think that poetry is easy,
“All you do is rhyme words and yadda, yadda, ya’ got a poem”
But that’s a lie,
Sure it might be easy for experienced people,
But for someone just trying to do it for fun or for the first time,
It can be pretty tough.
First, we think that you have to make it the most over-complicated, over-thought, emotional, deep, and lyrical poem.
When in reality you just have to put your feelings and thoughts on paper,
And let me tell you, it’s easier said than done.
Next, people tend to think that it has to be the best poem in the world,
Though all they really have to do is just think that it is the best.
You can simply put “The cat ran, I followed, It screamed.”
And that’s all, as long as you appreciate it, the poem will be good.
Finally, and probably the biggest challenge when writing a poem,
Is coming up with a topic.
Coming up with one can be somewhat difficult,
You try out different topics based on your feelings,
But somehow they don’t seem to work out.
There always seems to be a better topic and choosing can take a long time,
When finally you have one though,
Writing the poem becomes easy,
The words just pop into your head and there they are,
Your masterpiece of words.
As time progresses, and the more you write, poems become more natural,
They become easier and they stop felling so awkward to write.
And as long as what you write is what you feel,
Then the poem truly is “yours”,
And nothing in the world can match it.
Be proud of your own words.

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