I've Heard

May 13, 2011
By harrypotter51297 SILVER, Dyersville, Iowa
harrypotter51297 SILVER, Dyersville, Iowa
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I’ve heard it’s in everyone,
That no one can take it from you,
I’ve heard some burn as hot as the sun,
But how can this be right, when I constantly think of you?

My mother always told me,
“It runs through our blood,
For if we didn’t have it, where would we be?”
But how can this be true, when I think of the future, my head feels full of mud?

You once told me,
Back in the good ol’ days,
That sometimes it’s better to turn and flee,
But how can this be true, when you admitted you felt the same way?

So when we departed that day,
I knew, deep down,
The little I had left, finally went its own way,
But how could it suddenly decide to leave, leaving only my sad frown?

I’ve heard everyone has some,
That it can last a lifetime,
But now, all I can feel is lost and dumb,
But how can Hope simply vanish, like a long- forgotten wind chime?

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