Who I Am

May 11, 2011
thegirlwiththebrokenheart BRONZE, Holt, Michigan
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It's not the years in a life it's the life in the years <3 Abe Lincoln

Who I am &lt;3
There’s a person deep inside of me
that I really want to show
but society is stopping me
and will not let me go.

My past is weighing me down
as if I’m holding up the sky
and it only makes me wonder
why I even try.

The words people say to me
are spewing out their mouths
as if a roaring fire
trying to be put out.

I wonder what has happened
to all my celestial peers
as they drink some alcohol
and whisper “Oh come here.”
The world is a lonely place
I wonder who I am
and wish that
I could start all over
and make the world live again.

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