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May 22, 2011
By Josh Porter BRONZE, Flower Mound, Texas
Josh Porter BRONZE, Flower Mound, Texas
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The sound of metal being cut rings through the garage
Metal fabricators bend and weld metal to make new body panels
Sweat and blood run down the man’s face from the hot weather and sharp scraps
The mechanic’s wrench clings against the engine as he tightens the bolts
The carburetor whistles as the gas is being sucked through its passages
The gas flows as it is being dumped into the cylinders
Pistons pumping up and down as the spark plugs send their signal
The engine turns as it strives to fire and blow out the new exhaust
Finally the cylinders strike in sync and the engine roars
The straight headers rumbling is like music to their ears
The men smile as it is the first time to fire up the classic muscle car.

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