... And he died with an M16 in his hand...

May 10, 2011
By Optimus_Prime BRONZE, Columbus, Montana
Optimus_Prime BRONZE, Columbus, Montana
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...And he died with a sword in his hand...
I want to die a hero.
I want to die serving my country.
I want people to say
... And he died with an M16 in his hand...
I want my last moments to be standing right next to my best friend,
and the other guys of my unit.
I want to go out in a blaze of glory
with every one's guns talking.
A phrase i learned in the army.
But they aren't really talking.
They are yelling at the top of their lungs,
they are screaming in the face of the enemy,
provoking them.
Its a battle cry,
a cry of defiance
towards death himself
daring him to come try and take one of us.
I want to be awarded to metal of honor for what i did,
for what i became.
I want to make my family proud.
I want my wife and kids to know how brave their husband
and father was.
I want to be remembered.
When people think of me,
i want them to think of that kid who gave his life to save countless others.
And that night on the news they will say
"...And he died with an m16 in his hand..."

The author's comments:
I am in the army and i think that this really shows how i feel

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