Be Grateful

May 10, 2011
By KTCam BRONZE, Plaistow, New Hampshire
KTCam BRONZE, Plaistow, New Hampshire
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Favorite Quote:
A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on.

You were there for our firsts
First steps, first words, first mistakes
And although you may not remember
Every moment we have experienced
In our still young lives
It’s stitched into our hearts
To know that you care

There were days when we fell
And you didn’t have a band-aid
To heal the hurt pride that stung
More than the open wound
But a kind hand can mean more
And you always could provide it

When we were innocent
We held you high
Stretching to reach you
And the goals you laid out
Before us in a winding brick path
Each stone set gently,
Perfectly level on the uneven ground beneath

Days pass with lightening speed
Whizzing by like a beautiful humming bird
Or a high-speed cargo train
One effortlessly moves forward
While the other is helped along
By massive amounts of strength

Now sometimes the days seem blurry
Filled with a fog created by early mornings
And late night arguments
As we’re kept awake by the wolf howling at the moon
But still your hands support us
Attempting to mold us
Into a pot fit for the water
That is about to flood us

We take for granted your words, your actions
We’re young and know not what we want
So when we’re told what we need
It creates confusion
Out of misunderstanding comes anger

I hope you realize our emotions
Are temporary
Like the fleeting life of a mayfly
There for a moment to irk
And soon replaced by butterflies,
Busy bees, and dragonflies

One day we will see again
The beauty that surrounds us
Hopefully that day comes before
The end of a life that has turned the soil
And dug up mountains
I hope we get the chance to thank you

I try to now but sometimes genuine
Emotions cannot be expressed by a teenager
I think I feel
But it’s a mess inside these cells
The cells you gave to me
So maybe you’re in disarray too
Don’t worry, these things
Aren’t as trivial as they seem
So please,
Take your own advice

We may just be acorns in this forest
But you’ve planted the seeds
Needed to support us
And shown us what hard work is
That determination and
Get you more
Than having something handed to you

It may seem that the tough times
Outnumbered the effortless
Because whether it be
Rain or snow
Leaves or sunshine
Something’s always falling
From that sapphire sky
Right onto the patch of Earth
That our feet were guided to walk on
By destiny and your words of encouragement

Here goes my second attempt
Thank you.
Simple words given meaning
By the voice articulating them
So I also have to say I’m sorry
Because I’ve never been a good speaker
Something I obviously
Didn’t inherit from you

The author's comments:
Poem I wrote for my mom for Mother's Day.

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