And So I Run

May 10, 2011
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There is no longer any reason to wait. The world moves so quickly around me that I crave to join. Speeding around, reaching every corner of every place. And so I run

I run so I can escape this destruction. I run somewhere I have never seen before. I run to feel the crisp air sting my burning cheeks. I run till there is no more breath left in me and no more air to take from. I run till every inch of ground has felt my feet slam down upon it, till my ears ring from the pounding of my shoes. I run to disappear among the faceless.

I wonder what started this obsession. Was it because I felt the need to lose my thoughts? To run until I could no longer feel my body? To run among the trees because they won’t understand my feelings, so they cannot judge me? Do I run to find myself, for I must be somewhere? Or do I run to rid myself of who I already am?

And so I run, never wanting to stop because I’m afraid of what will happen if I do. I could slip back into that slow revolving world of sadness that knows me all to well.

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