Hold on to It

May 10, 2011
By Xanadeath SILVER, Riverbank, California
Xanadeath SILVER, Riverbank, California
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Hold on to it.
Never, ever let it go.
Never lose the part of you
That made you who you are.
Those who have lost their souls,
They've lost themselves,
Lost that part of them and now they're cold.
And it can be a poison,
Transferring from one to the next,
And turn the world to ice,
And the ice wanders aimlessly.
The ones without their child
roam expressionless
Through a beautiful world,
Blind to it.
Blind to their past,
And ignorant to beauty.
Hold on to it,
And never, ever let it go.
Never lose your soul.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this thinking about adults who wander around every day mindlessly doing the same thing, and pass so many beautiful things without even giving them a second thought. The ones who've forgotten the moments when they were young and looked at the sky and were just amazed at it.

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