May 10, 2011
By Anonymous

I sat there in the classroom listening to them telling their lies
My heart starts to race
I want to speak but I feel like I'm going to die
She keeps saying "it was a miscommunication"
I keep thinking that's a lie she just wants something to blame it on and be right
He says he never said anything mean to us
I say yes and repeat what he said that day
He says "i never said that"
I get mad but know I have to let it go because he will never admit it
She repeats again that everything was a miscommunication over and over
She says she wants us to be happy here but that will never happen
She says I should come next week because they need people like me to do good on the tests so they can get money
I shake my head yeah but inside I'm saying i would never give them money
I hate her fake smile like everything is fine now
They walk away happy
I walk away upset
I hate how they can get away with lying and blame everything on "miscommunication"
Miscommunication is a lie

The author's comments:
I wrote this when i had a meeting with the principle and a teacher and was mad at the outcome of what happened.

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